Source code for greydot.sms

Use the API to send an sms to a number. If you enable notify by email, you will receive an email every time the url is called with your APP Key.

URL :[Number-to-SMS]&par2=[url-encoded-text-message]&k=[APP-Key]&do=[FID]

[**Number to SMS**] Number that will receive the sms message or list of numbers each separated by an e

[**url encoded text message**] Text to be sent to number in url encoded form

[**APP Key**] Your APP Key

[**FID**] The function ID for Send sms is 11

Bulk Example url :

Example url :

Example reply :

        "query": {
            "query_result": {
                "status": [
                "to": "27110000000",
                "sms_id": "000"
            "query_status": "DONE",
            "query_code": "D0011"

import requests
import os
import xmltodict
from json import dumps, loads
import urllib.parse

API_URL = ""
FID = 11
if os.environ.get("GREYDOT_APP_KEY") is not None:
    GREYDOT_APP_KEY = os.environ.get("GREYDOT_APP_KEY")
    GREYDOT_APP_KEY = "fe43abd74579155d4e05"
    # raise ValueError("GREYDOT_APP_KEY environment variable is not set.")

SAMPLE = """
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>












[docs]def parse_xml_response(response): """ **Args**:: - `response`: String of raw xml response returned **Returns**:: > { 'result_status':"Success", 'to':'27110000000', 'sms_id':'0001', 'query_status':'DONE', 'query_code':'D0011' } """ # print(response) try: doc = dumps(xmltodict.parse(response[response.find("<?xml"):])) print(doc) return loads(doc) except Exception: return { "result_status": "result_status", "to": "to", "sms_id": "sms_id", "query_status": "query_status", "query_code": "query_code", }
[docs]def send_sms(recipients=[], message="Test Message"): """ **Args**:: - `recipients`: Number that will receive the sms message or list of numbers - `message`: Text to be sent to number **Returns**:: > { 'result_status':"Success", 'to':'27110000000', 'sms_id':'0001', 'query_status':'DONE', 'query_code':'D0011' } """ if len(recipients) > 1: par1 = "e".join(recipients) else: par1 = recipients[0] params = { "par1": par1, "par2": message, "k": GREYDOT_APP_KEY, "do": FID, } encoded_params = urllib.parse.urlencode(params) response = requests.get(API_URL, params=encoded_params) print(response.url) return parse_xml_response(response.text)